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The Top Seven Tips For Writing A Rap

by WaitingWhileYou
The Top Seven Tips For Writing A Rap

When you hear the word “rap”, what do you think of? Do you ever consider poetry, or does rap only refer to a particular music style? The fact of the matter is that there is not much difference between poetry and rap. As a poet, you need to make the poetry flow by incorporating a sense of rhythm into the speeches; rap is the same. Poets will often attempt to give poetry a visual element using metaphors and other figurative language. The challenge with rap is to express a message quickly while still being appealing to the listener and keeping rhythm. Here are a few tips on how to begin writing rap songs and start creating musical poetry.

1. Begin To Brainstorm

The first tip to creating any poetry or rap is to choose a subject or topic, then let your imagination run wild by brainstorming. The majority of rap artists choose to freestyle for a while writing down all their thoughts, ideas, and emotions. Use this style of brainstorming as an inspiration for future rap creativity.

2. Creating A Hook

The majority of rap artists will begin by establishing a chorus or writing a hook first, then working from there. This is important because the hook captures the overall theme of the song conveying its message to the listener. Furthermore, the chorus or hook is the part of a song that most listeners remember. It sets flow and rhythm inspiring what is said throughout the rap, as well as creating a base on which to build.

3. Begin Writing The Lyrics

By using the brainstorming technique along with writing the chorus as a guide for the rap, you will be able to build on the ideas formed. Always keep in mind that you need to maintain a flow and rhythm throughout the rap and poetry. Many lyricists listen to the beat as they write their songs as it helps them to keep a sense of rhythm.

4. Become Personal

It is vital that you do not lie in the raps regarding personal information, but reach the core of the topic as soon as possible. Typically, the lines in a rap will rhyme and not necessarily single words. In fact, the words do not necessarily need to match as long as it allows for a rhyme; for example, storage and orange. The basic premise of any rap song or poetry is to express a message and keep the audience engaged.

5. Be Organized

Once you have an idea of the message you want to express, it is essential that you organize the ideas. Once organized, break the ideas into verses while keeping the layout for basic rap songs in mind.

6. Memorizing The Rap

Being able to recite a rap from memory will allow you to maintain a sense of flow and rhythm, so it is important that you practice continuously! In addition to reading and rereading the pieces, it is recommended that you play around with the rap tempo to discover what sounds best. Do not be discouraged if the rap is not perfect the first time around, all you need to do is keep practicing.

7. Sharing The Rap

Now that you have the rhythm and words engraved into your memory, it is time to share the rap. Record your rap in front of an audience or when rapping alone in your room, then share it on a website with the lyrics. Allow your voice to be heard, share your message, and then begin on the next piece of poetry.

3 Secrets of Renown Rapper Mastery

by WaitingWhileYou
3 Secrets of Renown Rapper Mastery

1. Practice your art daily through writing and recording

Success is never achieved by accident. It takes work. It takes sweat. It takes tears. Depending how big your dream of success is, it will likely take blood.

Most of us are never willing to go after our dreams. We talk about them, and dream about them, but few people are willing to implement the work that is necessary to bring those dreams into reality.

Through daily practice and writing, you are beginning to work your rapping muscle. Through consistently doing this you are building a connection and even neural pathways that will make rapping more natural and require less effort.

2. Go low and slow and don’t overlook the basics

You don’t build a house without a foundation, and you’ll never see an empire built in one day. Thus if you’re looking for real success through rapping, you are going to have to master the art, and that requires knowing the foundation and framework.

You need to know how to count music. You need to know the flow and architecture of a good song. Before trying to master intricate rhymes and puns you need to know how to construct bars of music. You need to know your different time signatures. You need to walk before you can run.

Don’t get caught up in the “magic” that the professional artists are displaying. Show that you have what it takes by mastering the basics.

3. Always be learning new things and never let your knowledge stall out

Industries change. They come and go like the ocean tide. Show me any industry in the last 100 years that has not gone through radical transformations and rap is no exception. Since the birth of hip-hop in the 70s, the rap art form has transformed numerous times. From the strict hip-hop of early days to gangster rap, to autotuned rhythms to rock-rap cross overs. Rap has not say still for very long.

So where will you ride the wave to? What will you introduce into this amazing art form or will you be just another poser that is along for the ride?

There are followers, and there are leaders in the rap industry. If you want to make a difference, if you want to really be known, if you want to build something beyond yourself and even this world then you’re going to need to give it everything. You’re going to have to look beyond the framework you know and push yourself to become something more than you are today.

If you don’t stop working like your broke, even when you have all of the money in the world, you’ll build something beyond today. You’ll build a real legacy.



This is what I like about hip hop. Basically finding artists that are good. That just blow you away. And I think Logic is one of those guys.

I think this guy lyrically is really something out of this world.

When I listened to young Sinatra I was blown away. I just didn’t expect that. Because most of the fans from the show, kept chanting, “Logic! Young Sinatra!” over and over again. I got Logic and Logix mixed up and so it took me a little while before I was able to find the right song.

When I heard it though, I was amazed! Young Sinatra is a fantastic album and if you haven’t heard it you should.

I was a little mad at a couple of my friends who had heard the album and didn’t tell me about it, but whatever.

I was actually surprised I hadn’t heard of him before though. He’s a good rapper and I’m interested to see what he’ll do with his own full album.

He talks about real life topics. It’s not fake. He’s legit. He talks about things that he knows about and doesn’t pretend to know about things that he doesn’t.

I also enjoy the way that he can implement things that main stream artists talk about, but he takes it lyrically to the next level. He blows it away!

His freestyling is absolutely amazing.

What caught me off guard about this mixtape is how many real hip hop influences he has and yet he’s so young. But he uses it to his advantage.

Too many of the new artists have no idea about the history of hip-hop, but Logic seems to have it down.

Anyways, if you haven’t heard him, check him out!