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This is what I like about hip hop. Basically finding artists that are good. That just blow you away. And I think Logic is one of those guys.

I think this guy lyrically is really something out of this world.

When I listened to young Sinatra I was blown away. I just didn’t expect that. Because most of the fans from the show, kept chanting, “Logic! Young Sinatra!” over and over again. I got Logic and Logix mixed up and so it took me a little while before I was able to find the right song.

When I heard it though, I was amazed! Young Sinatra is a fantastic album and if you haven’t heard it you should.

I was a little mad at a couple of my friends who had heard the album and didn’t tell me about it, but whatever.

I was actually surprised I hadn’t heard of him before though. He’s a good rapper and I’m interested to see what he’ll do with his own full album.

He talks about real life topics. It’s not fake. He’s legit. He talks about things that he knows about and doesn’t pretend to know about things that he doesn’t.

I also enjoy the way that he can implement things that main stream artists talk about, but he takes it lyrically to the next level. He blows it away!

His freestyling is absolutely amazing.

What caught me off guard about this mixtape is how many real hip hop influences he has and yet he’s so young. But he uses it to his advantage.

Too many of the new artists have no idea about the history of hip-hop, but Logic seems to have it down.

Anyways, if you haven’t heard him, check him out!