The Top SEO Ranking Factors In 2019

The Top SEO Ranking Factors In 2019

In order for a website to be competitive, it has to be visible. That means the website should be optimized in such a way that search engines can’t wait to rank it on the first page. But with algorithms constantly changing and significant switches in user trends, what are the top SEO ranking factors in 2019?

This is a very good question to ask if you have a website you want to turn into a success. It’s important to stay updated with the changes. Seeing as the evolutionary process of search engines will no doubt continue with more speed and urgency, it’s also how you maintain your edge as a website owner. Now, these ranking factors for 2019 can serve you well if you execute them just right.

A Secure And Functional Website

Even though users jump from one trend to the next, there are certain things they expect as a basic given. One of these things is a secure and functional website. Due to some big security breaches, it’s only natural that users want to feel safe when browsing a site. So, security has to be a priority at all times.

At the same time, the site needs to be functional. When users click on a link it should take them where they want to go. And it should be incredibly easy to interact with the site when it comes to subscriptions and/or registration process. Try to make it as user-friendly, secure, and functional as possible.

Quick Loading Speed On All Devices

With internet speeds always getting faster, it creates another fundamental expectation from users. More specifically, they don’t want to wait for a website to load. Users want the site to pop up the moment they click. And when a site takes more than two seconds, there is a big risk of losing valuable traffic.

But the loading speed shouldn’t just be relevant for specific devices. It is recommended to always keep mobile devices in mind when optimizing the site, which brings up a closely-related factor.

Responsiveness To Mobile Platforms

Just like the site should be able to load quickly across all devices, it also needs to adapt properly. This is usually part of the design of the site. And the ability to accommodate the extensive range of devices available on the market today has to be prioritized.

The consequences of not having a mobile-friendly site are pretty simple and straightforward. For starters, search engines will drop it from mobile searches altogether. Why? Because the site won’t provide a good user experience, which is what search engines are all about – giving the user the best experience possible.

Strong Content And Keywords

Always pay attention to the type of content you are posting. This includes the keywords. Because it is without a doubt a fundamental ranking factor in 2019. Websites simply can’t afford to post sub-par content using irrelevant keywords. Not only does it prevent the site from gaining visibility, but it can even lead to losing it.

Technical SEO Strategies

Not everything about SEO happens where everyone can see it. Crawlers will also index areas of the site users don’t get to see. For example, the plugins for the site play a vital role. Installing the wrong plugins or having too many can have an adverse effect.

Unfortunately, back-end SEO strategies require more skill and knowledge to address properly. Website owners that don’t know what they are doing in this area can potentially cause more damage.

Off-Site Channels

If you really want to get the edge in terms of visibility, consider all your off-site channels. These will include link building and social media. Both can be powerful sources of traffic, while link building can increase authority and online presence.

But you have to use the right approach for both channels. Search engines have made link building more complex, and social media users are very picky about the profiles they like and follow.

A Great Overall User-Experience

The best advice anyone can give you as a website owner is to provide a great overall user-experience. The longer you can keep users around, the more search engines will take note. Few things are as powerful as user-engagement, so keep your bounce rate in check.